Podcast #1: Meet the volunteers

This podcast features the backbone of the Gulf Film Festival – the volunteers. Proving that being a GFF Festival volunteer is an extraordinary experience, 65 per cent of this year’s volunteers are returning for a second, third or fourth year to assist behind the scenes. In fact, 25 per cent of GFF volunteers have taken the entire week off school or work to devote themselves to the Festival full time.

Reflecting on the critical role of volunteers in creating a successful Festival, Mohammed Alhousani, GFF Senior Manager Human Resources & Administration commented, “This year, GFF boasts an active complement of over 110 volunteers from 11 different countries, all eager to get into the GFF spirit and gain valuable experience behind the scenes at a world-class event. Volunteers are the backbone of our Festival; their youthful, positive energy transcends across the entire event whilst also filtering our core messages to the Nation’s next generation.”

Volunteers of all ages are involved in every aspect of Festival operations, from theatre ‘ops’ to guest relations and everything in between, making it an unforgettable experience. With a view to the ensuring the continuous development and support of volunteer groups across the Nation, GFF has tied up with Mawalif, whose mandate is to embody the spirit of giving back, to ensure the best UAE national volunteers are recruited. 45 per cent are Arabic-speaking UAE nationals, a vital asset for the Festival, given the GCC flavour of the film selection and industry attendees.

Since its inception in 2008, the GFF has delivered the best in cinema from around the Arabian Peninsula. For further information on screenings, venues and Festival events, please consult the website on http://www.gulffilmfest.com.


Reporter: Karishma Khata
Editor: Kavita Melhotra


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