Review: Gulf Documentary Feature “CO.UK” brutally honest

‘.CO.UK’ is a documentary by Iraqi director Kahil Khalid who tells an emotional and a tragic story in his first documentary that’s been selected for the Gulf Feature Competition this year.

It shows the life of three immigrants (two of them being of Indian origin and one of Iraqi origin) & the challenges they face as they exist in London stuck, lost or alienated by the society they live in.

The film moves in a steady pace where we are introduced to the three main characters – Bilal, Bhavic and Tejal. They are exploited, unnoticed and often fall beneath everyone’s radar, which is probably by their stories will leave an impression. It’s actually quite a surprise to see how dead London is portrayed – it’s cold, dull and manages to suffocate both the characters and the audience.

London represents a burden and each character just wants to go back ‘home’ as ‘they are immigrants here and outsiders home’, to quote Bilal Zary, one of the main characters in the film.

What I particularly liked was the brutal honesty the director tackled as he followed their journeys. He highlighted all their highs and their lows and he made a statement -you are just your address- ‘’ and that will define you no matter how you try to escape that label and there is no going back once you become an immigrant.

By Sharanya Paulraj

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