Age is just a number – a look into the life of Maryan Taher, the youngest journalist from Saudi Arabia

Maryan Taher is nine years old and  like most nine-year olds, she should probably be either in preschool learning how to multiply fractions or spending her spare time hanging out with her friends and changing her mind about careers.

But here’s the deal with her  – she already has a job and she is also the youngest journalist from Saudi Arabia.

Maryan became a journalist because she really liked the field and got the support of both her parents as well as the support of her community & government to secure her place as the youngest journalist in Saudi Arabia.

Despite her love for journalism, she is yet to tackle writing. She says that writing falls under something she will explore when she’s older adding it to her long list of things she wants to achieve when she’s older. Perhaps one of the reasons why she loves reporting stems from the fact that she has a strong support system and enjoys being a reporter.

When asked whether she would secure her place in the future, Taher gave a very interesting answer for her age. She replied that she would continue being a journalist as long as it doesn’t interfere with her studies and her decision to wear the veil.  Maryan commented that reporting wasn’t her only career goal as she also plans on becoming a doctor when she’s older. She also said she’d stick to her reporting job, if it was still possible in the future.

Maryan concluded our interview by giving solid advice to aspiring journalists and children like her by saying, “I don’t want anyone to lose hope and always keep pursuing your dreams. Always have someone to support you and be by your side, even if you’re young and that I’m grateful to my parents, family, government and everyone who’s supported me and allowed me to do this. Always find someone who is going to support you and encourage you, keep you enthusiastic and to help you pursue your dreams.”


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