Berlin Telegram: A Musical Journey

Leila Albayaty is an Iraqi-French . She is based between Belgium, Germany and France. An eclectic artist, she divides her time between music (singing, writing and composing) and directing films. The Berlin Telegraph is her latest film which has been selected in the features category at the 6th Edition of Gulf Film Festival. Leila is the protagonist of her own film and is involved in the project as an actor, director, producer and music composer.

The Berlin Telegram is a true story that follows the journey of Leila, a heart -broken singer and song-writer who decides to travel armed with nothing but her camera and her music. As we travel with Leila we experience her hopes and fears, the journey not only physical but emotional as well.

Based on her own life this film is very personal to her, “In this film I had something very real to share, I wanted to save myself through this creation. It is a long process, when I write and think whether I can share this or not, I film it and then I think I could do better and try to do over everything. Sometimes I don’t let people know that the protagonist and the director of the film are the same as some people see the film and don’t believe its’s me.” says Leila.

Music plays a very important role in the film, “Music is my passion so I link it into my films. Music is also a language in my films. The film has different levels of language and one of those levels is music. It helps the movie, it is a collective work like filmmaking , I have long discussions with my technicians  and I take in their input before I decide on what music is composed for the film.”

Leila tries to balance between her music and filmmaking as much as possible, ” Sometimes it becomes very difficult and I become b=very busy but I cant stop my music and filmaking is also very important to me because I like to express myself through my vision and use my music in my script.  I might also take sometime off to concentrate on my music, maybe some time for acting as well, I feel with experience I may be able to balance everything better.”

She is currently a  recording an album ‘Berlin Telegram Record’ strongly inspired by the making of the film and working on a new script as well, hopefully we will continue to see more films from her.

By Syeda Nawab Fathima

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