Your Voice, Your Scent, Your People

We all are expats living away from our mother land, and residing on a land that is our current home. In some ways or the other we forget our traditional self and cling on to the reformed culture that the foreign land has to offer, in order to survive. We forget the those little things that make us feel at home, -the smell of the early morning breeze, sound of a crowded market place, the faint cry of a child at a distance…- and adopt and slowly adept to someone else’s culture and lose what we had once called ‘mine’.Such is the story of  ‘Your Voice, Your Scent, Your People‘- directed by Maram Ashour and Omnia Elafifi.

Based on their personal observation, Maram and Omnia wanted to share with the audience, the dilemma a person faces when such situations arrive and they have to answer a simple question “where do you belong?” to which the answer may seem easy but it’s actually complex.

When asked if they think today’s youth are constantly facing such issues and their ability to deal with them. Maram and Omnia replied, “The movie is about this young girl, like you and I, who belongs from Egypt and she moves to Dubai. And throughout the movie, things like, the sound that make it Egypt, the people that make it Egypt, the music that make it Egypt, is forgotten by the girl as she syncs into the culture here. This happens for everyone who moves into a brand new culture, and in order to survive and fit in, we keep seeking the strange land as home,”

“But where you are from is where you are from, and nothing changes that. So all I can say is it is good to adopt to the culture and the norms of your current niche but hold on to your roots because that’s what has made you what you are.”

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

Also listen to our podcast interview with Maram Ashour and Omnia Elafifi

Reporter: Aiman Fatma & Thomson George

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