Factory of Lies – A Review

If there is a short film you have to see at this year’s Gulf Film Festival it would be Saudi Arabian director Hamzah Jamjoom’s ‘Factory of Lies’.

From the time it opened with a very omnious and interesting quote I had a vague inkling that this was something I wasn’t expecting . The movie raises your expectations for it and has you at the edge of your cinema seat while watching it!

‘Factory of Lies’ tells the story about Kareem,  an aged pawnbroker working and living in Chicago, USA being harassed by his grandson to buy a special juice brand which ultimately leads him to send him away to buy the juice. The movie then takes an interesting turn when Kareem gets a visit from Azrael – the angel of death who claims that his time on Earth is nearly done and he gets to choose where he goes to in paradise.

What really struck me throughout the movie was how smooth the movie transitioned and it was definitely one of the better short films I watched today as part of the ‘Official Gulf Short Competition’. Factory of Lies asks moral questions and puts you  at the edge of your seats. Jamjoom has done the story he wrote justice by adapting it successfully into a short film.

I would strongly recommend this as something everyone should watch as they will enjoy the plot and the movie. I look forward to seeing more of Hamzah Jamjoom’s work!


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