Michael McCartney holds a workshop on producing short films

Michael McCartney an actor, writer, producer and teacher graced the 6th Edition of the Gulf Film Festival holding a workshop on behalf of the New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi. The subject he spoke on was ‘producing short films’.

The Halloween Resurrection actor now turned lecturer gave us sound advice as he spoke of his past experiences producing movies, and all the aspects that went into the creation process. He also advised us on budgeting, location scouting, assigning jobs to members of the crew and creating a strong relationship with your cast & crew of the film.

Throughout the workshop he made sure to stress on how important relationships in the film industry are & the script is to the entire film. McCartney also spoke about how any type of short film could be created if you created three types of budgets and outlined your work progress. He also showed the audience at the workshop a mash-up of all the shorts made by his students at the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi.

The workshop ended successfully and the audience present were completely hooked to the actor’s energy and practical take on producing short films.



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