Bidoon – a review

Bidoon means ‘without anything’ and also refers to the protagonist Aziz who has nothing to his name but his hard work and low economic standing.

The short film directed and written by Mohammed Al Ibrahim, a Qatari filmmaker who has screened his films at past Gulf film festivals offers a realistic look at how romantic relationships between different social classes are viewed in Qatar.

The two protagonists Aziz and Rana are in college at the Qatar Foundation and are in a secret relationship. The two of them communicate through Black Berry Messenger (BBM) and they love each other deeply. However, things begin to change when Rana publicly sends a  birthday letter to Aziz via  their classmates and breaks an unspoken line that existed among their social circles.

Her actions result in Aziz being forced to make a hard decision about their relationship and asks the question whether in this case, it is worth listening to your heart over your head.

The movie is for twenty minutes and was interesting to watch because of  the subject it dealt with and how believable the entire scenario was. Al Ibrahim did justice to the story and showed both sides to the relationship – he even emphasized the title ‘bidoon’ by showing how Aziz has everything to lose because he is ‘without anything’.

‘Bidoon’ definitely leaves an impression and is one of the better films in the ‘Gulf Shorts’ category. The audience will enjoy the short and will wonder at the ending what was it that Aziz actually decided to do.


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