UAE filmmakers create milestone with first Sci-Fi movie: “The Son of two Suns”

In a sea of suits and skirts that I was meant to talk to, two figures stood out. In faded jeans, a ‘gamer’ T-Shirt, ironically black coat and a top hat (caught everyone’s attention), Ali Zaidi and Ghanem Ghubash broke the norm, in a way that said, “It’s just who we are”.

Childhood friends and best buds, Ali and Ghanem grew up on a steady diet of comic books; so for the rest of you comic junkies, there is hope for you yet. Their project “The Sons of two Suns” has been shortlisted under the Lights category at this year’s Gulf Film Festival and is recognized to be the first Sci-Fi movie to come out of the UAE. The 10 minute film revolves around three survivors in a post-apocalyptic Dubai: thrilling, right?

Initially Ali Zaidi said that he expressed concern at the notion of beginning Science Fiction within Dubai cinema, an area never touched upon prior.

“I was like, Science Fiction??? No man, let’s do Horror, get out while we can.” Yet thanks to Ghanem’s urging, they moved along with Science Fiction, which numerous fans, especially at the Middle East Film & Comic Con are grateful for (Manu Bennett anyone?).

“It was a huge surprise, in under a month we had over 75,000 views and everyone was excited about the film.”

Yet, why stop there? After Superman came Superman Returns, and Ali and Ghanem are planning on taking Sci-Fi all the way. After sending ‘The Son’s of two Suns” for the Cannes Festival 2013, they are planning on moving into a darker genre, focusing more on the artistic aspect.

“We’ve always loved the art of Tim Burton and Dali, and that’s what we would be looking into. But not exactly Burton, I mean….we would be Ali and Ghanem of course,”

“We aren’t looking back, we are going to continue down this path: Science Fiction,” exclaims Ali, a tad dramatically, but who can blame him? The Dynamic Duo can now be considered pioneers to comic book enthusiasts around the UAE…Dynamic Duo? Look at me…even I’m caught up in all the comic book fan-dom.

By Brett D Mendonca

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