Beitna (Our Home) a film by Abdulla Al-Hemairi

The movie, directed by Abdulla Al-Hemairi, premieres in the ‘Lights’ segment at the sixth edition of the Gulf Film Festival. The segment features films from up-and-coming directors throughout the Gulf region.

 Story:  Beitna is about a father who uses his new camera to record his daughter playing, and discovers the impact of the maid on his child’s life, which results in revealing the parents’ carelessness in their child’s upbringing.

 Inspiration: This movie’s inspiration comes from the fact that the director, Abdulla Al-Hemairi wanted to challenge himself to make a movie particularly for the festival. He believes that when a filmmaker chooses to make a short movie, it helps them in becoming a powerful filmmaker.

 Obstacles: The main obstacle faced by him was mainly the budget and the script. Abdulla talked about the difficulty in writing a script for a short movie. He said it was more of an idea than a script.

 Aspirations: Apart from being a director, Abdulla also has worked as an actor and a scriptwriter as he has written scripts for various movies. He talked about his intention to make a horror movie as he feels the audiences find it more entertaining when compared to other genres.

 Experience: While this is his fourth time attending the Gulf Film Festival, it is his first time attending as a director. He feels that this is a great platform for filmmakers to meet and work together with.

 GIFF Experience: When compared to the earlier editions of the festival, Abdulla also told us about how he feels that the quality of the movies has improved and how the audiences attending have kept on increasing. Every year, there is a possibility to find new talents through the festival.

By Kavita Mehrotra


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