Enough Is Enough, a film about acceptance.

Enough Is Enough is a  documentary follows the lives of five Emiratis who want to break the silence in society and defend the rights of their foreign mothers. the director  Aisha Al Hammadi herself is half-American Emarati and feels strongly about the subject of her film, “Through my documentary I wanted to focus on my childhood and how it was to grow up being half-Emarati, how we were seen in society. In the UAE there is a concept of half Emarati, I feel that an Emarati is an Emarati whether half or full.”

Her inspiration for the documentary was her Emarati friend, “I never had any Emarati friends as a child my first full Emarati friend was in university but she does not look like an Emarati. This gave me inspiration because a lot of people are judged because  of the way they look which is unfair. We must be able to accept people irrespective of how they look or what their race  or ethnic background is, a person is a person and you should respect them.” says  Aisha 

She faced many challenges while filming the documentary firstly because of the personal connection to the film and secondly due to the lack of willingness of the people to share their stories, “To make the documentary I had to trace my steps back to mu childhood, I had to keep somethings personal but I tried to show the major events especially the events after 9/11 because being half american it can affect you. I don’t share all the details but I do introduce the topic. When we started we had a long list of people to talk to but most of them refused because they were too shy or scared to speak in the camera so at the end only four people agreed excluding me.” says  Aisha 

The film has been selected in the Lights category of the 6th Edition of Gulf Film Festival. She has received many positive responses to her film, “Many people have approached me and talked to me about the film and its subject, I’m really thrilled about it.” she says.

By Syeda Nawab Fathima


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