Karzan Kader – the brains behind Bekas

Bekas – the heartwarming and emotional film that tells the story of two boys Dana & Zana who decide to undertake the journey to America after watching a film about ‘Superman’ saving the world. The duo then decide to find the superhero and bring him to Kurdistan to right all the wrongs done to them and with the hope, he may also bring their parents back.

Bekas, which was initially made as a short film made by Karzan Kader as his graduation film was then adapted into a full length feature. The movie since then has gone to win reviews and praises from various media outlets for being brutally honest and bringing viewers to tears, laughter or both.

Kader says that he wants to make films that are ‘deep’ and ‘have a major human incentive’ in them. Perhaps that is why Bekas can be considered somewhat of an autobiographical film because of how much similar it is to the director’s childhood. The big difference in the film would be Kader substituting his childhood hero ‘Rambo’ for ‘Superman’ as the plot device which propels the two brothers to go to America.

Kader however says that he has major hopes to experiment with different genres, but there’s this catch to it.He will only do a movie if the script is good and he can relate to the story.  Fans of  his should be leaping with joy as we may see more of the talented director in the future. As soon as he’s done promoting Bekas, he will be hard at work deciding what his next projects are.

The director also left a hint at what his future project maybe, he commented that he saw himself making either three or four films in the future before branching out into trying a horror or thriller movie.

Perhaps, we may see him back  next year at the Gulf Film Festival.


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