“Sexual predators on the internet is a universal issue.” says Emrati filmmaker Mansoor Al Dhaheri

Based on true story Mirage.net is a  film about a girl who seeks to find a husband through social networking websites instead of the traditional way but stumbles into the trap of an imposter and unfortunately the girl  is eventually raped. The film has been selected in the Gulf Short Category of the 6th Edition of the Gulf Film Festival.

Mansoor Al Dhaheri is an Emirati director and writer. His films have screened at GFF, the Abu Dubai Film Festival, and other international film festivals such as the Los Angeles Film Festival.

“In this film we try to highlight the events that happened made her seek this path and what made her trust the people she meets on these websites. Sexual predators on the internet in an universal subject that has affected many people and we wanted to bring awareness about it here, in the gulf.” says   Mansoor 

When asked why he choose this subject for his film,   Mansoor said “I did not get my Masters degree in film-making so that I get fame or make films for Hollywood, I did it because I want to show realistic stories through my films. There are many taboo subjects in our society that nobody discusses and I want  people to become aware about these subjects and understand the risks related to them.”

Mansoor did face a lot of challenges especially related to the portrayal of the dark scenes present in the film, “Yes, we did have problems in regard to what should be shown and how it should be shown but we did it tastefully and concentrated on our main aim which was to bring awareness. I did not want to shock the audience, I wanted them on the same page .”

The film has received many positive responses especially in regard to the message the film provides. Dubai Police have requested for the screening of the film in women s  universities all over UAE. “As an audience the people like the film’s message, the half an hour the spend watching helps them benefit and become aware.”

Mansoor feels that films are an important medium of communicating vital issues in the society “If the National Media Consulate would collaborate with the local production companies to at least provide 10% of the content they are broadcasting to be locally produced. This would be helpful to everyone working whether they are actors, directors or screen writers.”

By Syeda Nawab Fathima


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