Who are you?- Asks Timo Von Gunten

Passing by the beautifully decked up stores, and looking over at the prettiest doll at the window, has probably never made you think what it would be like if she was alive one night? But Timo Von Gunten, a director/filmmaker from Zürich saw something beyond the monotony of the dolls existence.

Timo has recently directed a film named ‘Doll’, which is a journey of a doll from the store to the real world and understanding her emotions and her feelings. The film is mirrored, to how lifeless and monotonous humans have become in the present generation. Through this journey Timo wants the audience of this film to reflect back on themselves and find their passion in life and to live a life in reality and not in superficiality.


“When I conceived the idea of the film, I wanted to do something different with the idea that I had. I didn’t want to shoot my character in a bar, sitting in solitude and brooding about life and then the next shot the character has turned a new leaf. The beauty of film making is to let your creativity flow and make your audience go ‘wow’ when they get the idea. Thus, I choose to base my central idea in the perspective of a doll. Because dolls are a clear illustration of superficiality and therefore it was easy for me to portray.” Said Timo when he was asked why was the film shot as the journey of a doll?

Why did he choose to have a female doll and not a male doll to play the character?, “When you think of a doll you instantaneously imagine a female and not a male. But in this story portraying the journey through a female doll has no specific connotation. I am not trying to imply that women are more superficial than men, but trying to imply that the entire human race has somehow stopped living a life in reality and have adopted a fake living.”

Have you felt lifeless, like a doll in your life? “Well who hasn’t  You would be kidding yourself if you said ‘No’. Everyone at some point or the other in life has asked themselves questions like “why do I need to live?” “who am I?” “what is the purpose of my life?” and the reason why we ask ourselves these questions is because somewhere down the line you forget who you are and what you are. And that holds the same for me. So you could say I have had been in place of the doll at the window of the store, and one day I broke out of the barriers and found the worth of my life.”

By Srijita Chattopadhyay

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