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Meet the Director of Wadjda, Haifaa Al Mansour

Wadjda, the opening film at Gulf Film Festival 2013 started out as a project at GFF’s Script Market in 2008 and has gone on to capture the hearts of audiences and critics alike across the world with its simple story of a determined little Saudi girl who goes to great lengths to buy her own bicycle despite possible social repercussions. The film has won numerous awards, including 3 awards at the prestigious Venice Film Festival as well as the Muhr Arab Feature and Best Actress awards at the Dubai International Film Festival in December 2012.

Reporter: Sandeep Marvaha | Camera Crew: Brendan Lopes & Rahul Menon


Day 1 at Gulf Film Festival

Manipal Dubai TV brings you the first day report from the the 6th edition of Gulf Film Festival 2013. Meet the people behind the Film Festival and how they are gearing up for the Opening Night Red Carpet.

Reporter: Aiman Fatma | Cameraperson:Brendan Lopes

Sneak Peek into the 6th edition of Gulf Film Festival

The Gulf Film Festival (GFF) announced its sixth edition will be held from April 11 to 17, 2013. Manipal University Dubai is partnering with the event to bring you the latest during the festival. Here’s are highlights from the press conference held at the Pavillion, Downtown Dubai on April 2, 2013.

Reporter: Zohra Ameen
Camera: Vishnu Shekhar, Zubair Ahsan
Editor: Diana Khambatta


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